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Complied by;
UBE International Environmental
Cooperative Association

3F Ebisu-Build. 1-10-32 Chuo-Cho,
Ube-City, Yamaguchi 755-0045 JAPAN
Phone & Facsimile: 0836-36-3199
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@The Ube International Environmental Cooperative Association revised its original Japanese version of the "Environmental Technology of Ube 2000" directory, to an English version titled "Environmental Technology of Ube 2002" . The 2002 directory was not issued until later in March of 2003. A Chinese version of the directory was also published and issued in March of 2003. Crediting the fact that the directory has been published in Japanese, English and Chinese, many organizations and companies from all over the world have been able to read the directory and benefit from its valuable information.

@Over the past few years more companies have been added to the directory as well as other modifications being made. These additions and modifications have made it necessary to publish newer versions of the directory from its original form in 2002.

@We are very happy to send you a copy of the 2005 directory in English, which has been published thanks to the cooperation of several companies in the City of Ube.

@It is our pleasure to know that this directory has been made available to you, in hopes that it will provide you with valuable information pertaining to industry and the preservation of our environment. It is especially important for us to know that this directory may be of use to those who are in most need of implementing environmental preservation programs.

@Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to those companies that have contributed to this issue, and to all of the interested organizations that have supported us with their desires to learn more about industrial environmental prevention programs.

@Hiroshi Nakanishi
@President of UBE IECA

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œCentral Engineering Co., Ltd. 2
œCentral Glass Co., Ltd. 4
œCentral Kasei Co., Ltd. 6
œChugoku Suiko Ltd. 8
œHitachi Construction Co., Ltd.10
œIimori Mokuzai Co., Ltd.12
œKagawa School Ube Environmental Technology Center14
œKyodo Sangyo Ltd.16
œKyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd. Ube Plant18
œMeiwa Prastic Industries Ltd.20
œPower Engineering and Training Service Co., Ltd. Engineering Center22
œRiso Kagaku Corporation24
œSakae Construction Consultant, Ltd.26
œShinko Industries Co., Ltd.28
œSynchrotech Co., Ltd.30
œTitan Kogyo Co., Ltd.32
œTowa Kagaku Co., Ltd.34
œTsukahara Construction Co., Ltd.36
œUBE Analysis Center Ltd.38
œUBE Agri]Materials, Ltd.40
œUBE Ammonia Industries Co., Ltd.42
œUBE Industries, Ltd., Energy & Environmental Segment Environmental Business Div.44
œUBE Industries, Ltd., Ube Cement Plant46
œUBE Industries, Ltd., Ube Chemical Plant48
œUBE Kogyo Ltd.50
œUBE Material Industries Ltd. Ube Plant52
œUBE Pallet Rentalχυ&χτLeasing Co., Ltd.54
œUBE Scientific Analysis Laboratory, Inc.56
œUBE Techno Eng Co., Ltd.58
œUMG ABS, Ltd. ( Ube Plant )60
œYamaguchi Kosan, Ltd.62
œYamahara Shokai Co., Ltd.64